Larry Frenzel

CEO / Producer


Larry graduated from UCLA Film School and worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood in the 1970‘s, prior to becoming an attorney. He is currently a producer, screenwriter and entertainment lawyer with extensive legal, business and creative experience in motion picture development, production and distribution. He founded Birchwood Pictures in 2009, “to produce and distribute independent films that provoke thought and instill hope through moving, redemptive and entertaining stories.”

Larry was a principal and CEO of Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC, which he co-founded in 2003. Feature films produced in association with Carmel Entertainment — and for which Carmel Entertainment procured distribution — include Facing the Giants (Sony/Provident Films/Samuel Goldwyn Films), Fireproof (Sony-Affirm Films/Provident Films/Samuel Goldwyn Films), Faith Like Potatoes (Sony-Affirm Films), No Greater Love (Lionsgate) and Secret of the Cave (First Look Studios). Under Larry’s leadership, Carmel Entertainment also procured distribution and broadcast licensing for several documentaries, including, The Case for a Creator (Illustra Media/Lionsgate), The Case for Christ (La Mirada Films/Lionsgate), The Case for Faith (La Mirada Films/Lionsgate), Dear Francis (Chronicle Project/Showtime) and the Drive Thru History series (Coldwater Media/A&E Networks).

Larry’s producing credits include: Overcomer (associate producer), the Kendrick Brothers’ latest feature coming to theaters in August 2019 (distributed by Sony’s Affirm Films and Provident Films); War Room (associate producer), #1 box office hit in its summer 2015 theatrical release, produced by the Kendrick Brothers (distributed by Sony Pictures [TriStar Pictures and Affirm Films] and Provident Films); To Write Love On Her Arms (executive producer), the dramatic origin story of the organization with that name, produced by Two Streets Entertainment in association with Birchwood Pictures (distributed by Sony Pictures, released March 2015); Grace Unplugged (producer), a Coram Deo Studios production in association with Birchwood Pictures (distributed by Lionsgate and theatrically released by Roadside Attractions in October 2013); Courageous (associate producer), the fourth film from the successful Sherwood Pictures/Kendrick Brothers franchise (2011); The Lightkeepers (producer), a romantic comedy set on Cape Cod in 1912, starring Richard Dreyfuss and Blythe Danner (2009); and Illustra Media/La Mirada Films documentaries (executive producer), including The Privileged Planet, Prophecies of the Passion, Darwin’s Dilemma, The Case for a Creator, The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith.

Jason Frenzel

vp Project Development 


Jason joined Birchwood Pictures in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration from Biola University. He played a key role in the formation and startup of the company as a story analyst and business development associate.

He currently serves as VP Project Development, utilizing his talents and expertise in the areas of story and screenplay development, new project acquisitions, production and marketing.

Jen Fedler 

Project Manager—acquisitions


Jen graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in Human Communication Studies, which provided her a solid foundation in research, writing and interpersonal communication. 

She joined Frenzel Law Corporation in 2001, as office manager, and was instrumental in the organization and start up of Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC, in 2003, and served as Project Manager, managing day-to-day operations, serving as story analyst and evaluating all incoming screenplay and film submissions, through 2012. She also played an integral role in the start-up and management of WingClips Cinema, a non-theatrical exhibition joint venture between Carmel Entertainment and WingClips, LLC.

Jen currently serves as Project Manager—Acquisitions for Birchwood Pictures, managing and reviewing submissions of screenplays and other properties for potential development and production, and submissions of motion pictures for potential distribution.