Feature Film Production

Birchwood Pictures is seeking and developing properties to produce as theatrical feature films. Birchwood Pictures is also seeking co-production partners with properties to develop and co-produce.

Development and Production Consulting and Services

Birchwood Pictures offers creative expertise and experience in:

  • Story and screenplay development and writing
  • Strategic planning and consulting to design projects for optimum marketing and distribution
  • Production and post-production

Legal and Business Affairs Consulting and Services

Birchwood Pictures, in conjunction with Frenzel Law Corporation, offers extensive legal and business affairs expertise and experience in:

  • Rights and property acquisition and agreements
  • Formation and financing of production entities
  • Production legal counsel and agreements

*To submit written properties for development/production consideration, see Contact page.



Birchwood Pictures is seeking completed films — and films in production — for distribution.  

Birchwood Pictures’ relationships with major studios and distributors (acquisitions and business affairs), and its successful track record with distribution projects, together with the legal expertise and experience of Frenzel Law Corporation, enables Birchwood Pictures to offer its distribution clients a full range of business, legal and creative consulting and services:

  • Developing marketing strategies for distribution and licensing
  • Configuring/re-configuring films and trailers for optimum marketing and distribution
  • Credibly presenting film projects to distributors and other licensees
  • Negotiating and preparing distribution and licensing agreements
  • Consulting with distributors and other licensees regarding the marketing strategies for films acquired for distribution

*To submit a film for distribution consideration, see Contact page.